Bad Career Move

No doubt by now many have noticed how dusty the blog has become. Part of it was the holiday, part of it was the day job, but most of it is simply exhaustion from keeping up with that damned bastard cancer.

While the husband is doing fairly well, we’re still experiencing complications thanks to the litany of drugs he’s on and the joys that come along with leukemia. When he was diagnosed with a blood clot two days before Christmas, I knew something had to go if I was going to maintain my sanity. The thing that’s going to be swept off the books? Writing. And me with a print release a week away.

Now this is a temporary condition, but one that could have better timing. I have two books out, so I should get another out, right? Right. But life got in the way, and this time it’s enough to make me stop for awhile. I’ll still be over at the Raven and will post here on occasion, but I’m backing off for a bit until I can get the husband up and going.

So check back in from time to time. I might be here. But right now, my priority has to be my family. So see you all on the flip side.



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3 responses to “Bad Career Move

  1. Natasha A.

    oh Catherine! I’m am sorry to hear that! We’ll be here on the flip side, don’t worry about the blog!

  2. It’s always something, isn’t it? But you know what? Family comes first, so we totally understand. *Hugs*

  3. I’m so sorry things are so rough right now. It’s completely understandable that you need a break from writing. Meanwhile, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.