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Come Over to the Dork Side

Have I ever told you all about Son #2? He’s a bright kid – or so they tell me. Actually, to be fair, he’s extremely bright about a lot of things. He just doesn’t have an ounce of common sense. This is the kid from whom the following gems have been uttered:

“This ice cube is cold.”

“It’s dark at night because the sun’s not out.”

And my favorite…

“You don’t move much when you’re dead.”

A few years ago for his birthday, we bought him a tee-shirt that said, “Captain Obvious Strikes Again.” He loves it.

But whether he’s stating the obvious or researching how to build a fusion generator (not kidding), he cracks me up. The other day, he was talking about how other kids want to be in his group because they know they’ll get an A on their project. (Okay, so he does have a clue about some stuff.) He wasn’t complaining, just stating. And then he said, “I guess there are advantages to being a geek. Soon they’re all going to want to come over to the Dork Side.”

You can imagine the peals of laughter from us all. Of course it didn’t end there. We started in with, “Luke, join the chess club!” and “Use the slide rule, Luke.” My stomach hurt the next day I laughed so hard.

I got to thinking that same day that I should start writing this stuff down. If I’m ever in need of a cheap joke, I’ll have one handy. ‘Cause face it, there’s nothing funnier than a kid. Even when he’s stating the obvious.

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There’s Good News and There’s Bad News

Well, I stopped blogging, stopped writing, stopped doing promo, etc. for several weeks now in order to get my life in order at home. I don’t think that will ever happen, but there has been some progress on the personal life front.

The bad news was that the husband had a blood clot in his leg over Christmas. This was brought on by a perfect storm of medication side effects, low blood pressure, dehydration, and lethargy. The good news is it was taken care of and he feels a bazillion times better. So happy husband means less stress on Catie.

The bad news is I really haven’t written a thing in weeks, which, of course, includes the blog. The good news is I miss it. I want to start writing again, but am forcing myself to take off until February to make sure my batteries really are recharged. Which leads me to…

…the bad news that I have no idea what I want to work on next. Happy Medium started out with so much promise! I loved the idea behind that book. But I sold (yay!) Let’s Dish right after I started working on it, and it sat stagnant for way too long. Now I think I need to move on for awhile, though I hate giving up on it. I still love HM, but apparently now is not the time. The good news is I still have Guys and Dogs to edit and get ready to go out, so at least I have something to stall me from having to actually think for awhile.

And while I was out, there is even more good news. Let’s Dish is now out in print, and is available all over the place. Don’t have it at your local bookstore? Ask for it, or go to Amazon, B&N, Borders, etc. Bookplates will be available soon, just as soon as I figure out how to fix the PO Box issues I got myself in trying to rent it online under my pen name. Stooopid Catie.


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