Goodbye to Charlotte

Her name was Charlotte Isabelle. I knew it from the second I laid eyes on her. We were at the Humane Society, just looking around, when she literally reached out and grabbed my husband. That was almost sixteen years ago.

Today I came home and knew it was over. She couldn’t walk and was too weak to even meow. She left us shortly before 4:30 this afternoon.

Goodbye, sweetheart. You were a good girl, and I have no idea what life will be without you. A little sadder, that’s for sure.



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5 responses to “Goodbye to Charlotte

  1. Karla

    I’m so sorry. I know your pets are very special to you.

  2. I’m so are my 4th writer/friend that has lost a furry friend this month.
    Lord Stanley and I will raise a catnip treat in Charlotte’s honour.

  3. Thanks, ladies. She was old and we knew she wouldn’t last forever. Still, it’s hard.

  4. oh Catherine!!
    I’m so sorry!! Hugs to you and your family!

  5. Oh, Cate! I’m so sorry! Pets really are members of the family.