Guys and Dogs Done!

Well, I managed to blog twice in a row, and now I’ve managed to ignore you all for a week. So sorry about that. (As an aside, I wonder how many of my blog posts start with the word well.)

Anyway, we’ve had a rough week on the health front. The husband is home, now, but had a heck of a time with his stomach, so we’re in the doctor’s office daily for IV fluids and meds. The silver lining of this particular cloud is I managed to finish clean-up edits on Guys and Dogs.

I was worried when we left Omaha. I was about halfway through the book, and thought my conflict had just resolved itself. See, it’s been a couple years since I wrote this book. In fact, I think it was NaNo 2008. So I’ve completely forgotten what I wrote. There are good things about going back into a book with that much of a lapse, like surprising yourself with the good stuff you’ve written and making yourself laugh. The bad thing, though, is sometimes you have to read ahead, see what is to come, and then go back and re-write to make it all work together.

The good news is that I went through it top to bottom, and the second half contains complications, death threats, explosions – all the fun conflict stuff you want to see in a denouement.  So now what? Ahhh – my “favorite” part – synopsis. Is there an author who likes writing a synopsis? But maybe I can get this sucker ready to query by the end of the summer. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Ages ago when I wrote the book, my friend C.J. made covers for all our NaNo books that year. So to honor by milestone, here it is. And I love it!


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