Plot it Again, Sam.

I woke up this morning having dreamed a fantastic plot. Well, sort of fantastic, as in it’s pretty complete. I don’t think it’s novel length, but I could do a short or a novella. However, as for what it is – you got me.

Genre is the problem. See, in my dream, Sam Neil was on a train. I love Sam Neil – hellishly sexy – but in my dream, he’s actually the bad guy. Only my heroine doesn’t know that he’s the bad guy, so she sleeps with him. In fact, she falls for him, never knowing he’s using her right, left and center. So it’s not a romance, because she won’t end up with Sam at the end.

I could fix that. I could redeem Sam, but – no, he’s a baddy. I could add a hero to save her from Sam, but then I’ve broken a major rule of Romance: the heroine cannot have sex with anyone but the hero. The whole plot revolves around her having an extended one-night stand with Sam.

Mystery? Could be, though the second I say that I scare myself. I tried writing mystery before, and decided my kids have to be much older before I even attempt to tackle the intricacies of that genre. Takes too much concentration which cannot be broken by “moooom” and “he’s touching me!”

So here I’m left with an idea that my brain is working feverishly. I can’t get it out of my head. But I don’t know what it is! What would I advise someone else? Write it anyway. Story first, genre later.

And if nothing else, I’ve proven that my mind can still create and run with a plot. And that I still find Sam Neil hot.


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