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Binge Reader

So long time no see again. But I have a good excuse this time. I do, too! I’ve been reading.

I discovered a new author – well, new to me. Jacqueline Winspear writes absolutely fabulous 1930s English mysteries, and I have been positively sucked in! I put one down, I have to pick up the next one and start reading.

In doing this, I realized something. Like some kind of crazy college kid with a literary fetish, I am a binge reader. I will suck down four or five books at a time, then not read again for a month. Recent medical issues have granted me lots of page time, I’ll admit, but I’ve always done this. I have no real excuse. But I might have an explination.

When I write, I tend to get sucked into the world I’m writing.  When I’m actively writing a book, I cannot read – at least not something close to my own genre or an author with a strong voice, because I will tend to suck up a little of that voice and use it myself. Not consciously, of course, but after reading Jennifer Weiner’s Good In Bed, I totally mimicked her voice in a project I was working on. Didn’t realize it at the time, but reading it now, it’s clear as day.

I think this is why if I get involved with a series, I need to read as much of it as possible before I move on. I get into that world, then need to get through it, soak it up, and then let my palate cleanse before I pick up the next series or author.  If I read one series immediately after another, or picked up a different author immediately after finishing a book, it would be like eating hot chilli and moving onto fettucini Alfredo. My taste would be burnt.

So I’ll keep binging, then take my breaks. And November is coming, folks. You know what that means.

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Title Help!

So I am starting a new novel! Yay! Not a whole lot of plot done, yet, but that’s not usual for me. But what I really need is a working title.

In a nutshell, the story is about a book possessed by a demon that kills or injures everyone who comes in contact with it. The author needs to find a solution before it takes more lives and the demon possesses her.

So here are some possible titles. Let me know what you think:

Devil’s in the Dialogue
Killer Fiction
Cursed Words
That Damned Book (yes, I’m kinda kidding with that one, but I’m desperate)

Any other ideas? Recognition in the acknowledgments is up for grabs. And maybe some actually cool prize.

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