Binging Again

Remember back in October when I confessed to being a binge reader? I’m at it again. This binge was precipitated by two factors: my husband once again being in the hospital (he’s home and fine now, thanks) and the need to research something for the book I’m currently writing. Here’s the problem with that: I’d rather read than write.

Heck, I’d rather read than work, do chores, grocery shop… But then this darned day job thing gets in the way, and kids, and the aforementioned husband. He wants to talk to me! Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? I’m sitting there minding my own business, making it perfectly clear that I am otherwise occupied, and he starts talking! Really?

So eventually I am going to need to put down the book and pick up the… well, the book. Cursed isn’t going to write itself, after all.

But for now, you must excuse me. I need to go read for awhile.


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