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A Worthy Cause

UPDATE: Way better way to donate from a long distance – go to my First Giving site at

If I get enough donations, the boy will plunge, too!

So this year I promised to do the Polar Plunge. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s when a bunch of otherwise sane people jump into a freezing cold lake to raise money for Special Olympics. This is a cause near and dear to me, especially because my oldest son has autism and benefits greatly from the program. Seriously – the first time I’d seem him really joyful in a long time came on a basketball court.

So, to make a small contribution to help him, and to help dozens of other kids just like him, I have promised to jump into a lake. And now I am asking your help. You see, I need donations to plunge.  What do I need? Your spare change. Ten bucks. Whatever you can afford. What do you get? The knowledge you helped a bunch of great kids go to events where they can be themselves and excel in their element. And, of course, pictures. I promise to have a cameraman on hand to take lots of lovely, embrrassing pictures that I’ll post here on the blog.

So here’s how to help –

Send your donation to:

Aberdeen Special Olympics
c/o Catherine Wade
PO Box 2122
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Please make checks out to Aberdeen Special Olympics.

And for more information on Special Olympics, go here.


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